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We unlock homes and apartments 24 hours a day. We can also open your bedroom, bathroom, or storage shed!

Lock Services

We offer 24 hour lock replacement, lock repair, lock rekey, and brand new lock installation. All of our locks are name brand locks.

Garage Door Services

We provide assistance with all garage door services, ranging from simple lockouts to garage door repair and installation.


At Residential Locksmith Portland OR of Locksmith Plus, Inc., we offer reliable and fair residential locksmith services to the people in the greater Portland, OR area. As with our other services, our priority is to ensure customer satisfaction. Opposed to our commercial and automotive locksmiths, the aim of Residential Locksmith Portland OR is to make the homes of our customers as safe and secure as possible. The integrity of vehicles and offices is important, but this does not compare to residential security. When we are at home, we require that sense of safety for the sake of ourselves and our families. Locksmith Plus, Inc. guarantees safety when servicing your residential needs. We stand for nothing less, and you should not either.


Whenever you move to a new home, is is highly recommended to replace all of the locks in the new house. Moreover, it is also recommended to get a specific amount of keys cut in order to easily keep track of them. Residential Locksmith Portland OR also specializes in security assessment. Typically when replacing locks or moving to a new home, residents need to determine if the security of their home still meets the requirements of their insurance policy. Locksmith Plus, Inc. is just a call away. Let us help!
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Residential Locksmith Portland OR Services

Residential Lock Replacement For Houses & Apartments

Locksmith Plus, Inc. Portland, OR offers a variety of services related to residential lock replacement and home lock repair. Do you have a house lock that needs to be replaced or repaired? Does it constantly get jammed, or perhaps, the key just endlessly turns? Why risk damaging the lock or installation pocket further? Call our residential lock replacement team today to have one of our professional residential locksmiths come and assess your lock. If the condition of your lock is beyound repair, our residential team keeps many state of the art, brand name residential locks in our van or on hand.
Are you looking to install a lock on a brand new door? We also have the necessary tools and skills to drill and install a house lock that suits your particular fancy and overall aesthetic and security level of your home! We keep many Schlage Locks, Kwikset Locks, Yale Locks, Mortise Locks, Padlocks, Mul-T-Locks, etc., so whatever kind of residential lock you need to have installed, repaired, or replaced, Locksmith Plus, Inc. is there to help!
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Rekey A Lock For Homes

What exactly is the difference between a residential lock rekey and replacement? Well, they both are are exactly what they appear to be! Residential lock replacement is recommended when there exists a broken lock beyond repair, when you want to upgrade to a more secure lock, or you want to replace a lock for visual reasons. However, if you have a lock that is perfectly intact, but there are unaccounted for keys that keep you from trusting in the security of your home, assets, and family, then house lock rekey is an appropriate service. A professional residential locksmith can come to your home, and replace the tumblers of the lock cylinder without actually replacing the lock itself. Once we do this, we will provide you new keys that will be the only keys that will open the locking mechanism. This is especially useful for landlords and new homeowners who have no idea how many keys might exist to a fully functional lock.

Lost Your House Key?

While losing your only house key may seem like a nightmare, our residential locksmith team can help you out in a jiffy. While there is no way to physically provide you a new key that opens your existing locks, we can rekey the locks. Rekeying the locks is cheaper than replacement, and this will make all the lost keys no longer able to access the home. Once we are done rekeying the lock, we will provide you the key that fits it. Moreover, we will also provide an additional replacement free of charge so you can avoid having this happen in the future!
Our residential lockout service is cheaper than our residential lock rekey and replacement service, so it is always recommended to keep a spare in the house. That way, if you lose your main key, you can simply request a residential lockout technician as opposed to full on home lock rekey!
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