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All of our expert locksmith services, including emergencies, are available 24/7. We never charge extra for late nights, weekends or holidays, and we come to you, so call us now!
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Locksmith Milwaukie OR exists to provide optimal lock and key service to the people of Milwaukie, OR. Our skills are offered to people in need of roadside assistance, personal addendums to one’s home, or even commercial and industrial solutions. Call (503) 575-9210 to reach one of our local Milwaukie locksmiths, and you can rest assured that your security, and safety will be our priorities. To ensure that every customer is left with a feeling of satisfaction, we encourage all clients to ask about the warranties and deals that we offer customers (even those simply needed to pick a car lock).


All of the services offered by Locksmith Milwaukie OR come with unparalleled 90 day written guarantee. What does this mean and how does this affect you? Regardless of the service that we complete for you, we want you to know that we stand by all the work that we do. Never will we leave a customer of the creek, especially when the quality of our service comes into question. If you ever have any issue with the service that you received-whether it be on account of the technician or the job itself- please do not hesitate to call Locksmith Plus, Inc. at (503) 575-9210.


At least once a week, one of our technicians let’s someone back into their car or replaces a key at the Portland Aquarium located in the heart of Milwaukie. We don’t know what it is about this place, but maybe there is something in the water! Regardless, there seems to be some kind of force around the aquarium that causes people to misplace their keys or lock their keys inside their car. You can even ask the aquarium for a locksmith to call, and they will surely give you the car for Locksmith Plus, Inc.


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Clearly, the coolest thing about Milwaukie and what makes it truly awesome, is that we are home to Dark Horse Comics. Some of the most famous comic book characters and scripts have been created right here in our very midst. If any other avid fans need a locksmith to assist you at your home, car, or business, feel free to mention our mutual appreciation of Dark Horse to earn a $5 discount for all lock and key service in Milwaukie!

Part Of Portland Or Locksmith Plus, Inc.’s Commitment To Serving Our Community In The Most Upstanding And Effective Way Possible Is By Registering With Important Portland And Oregon Institutions Like The Chamber Of Commerce.you Can Check Our Extensive Credentials By Visiting Our Verify Us Page.

Visit our other pages to learn more or to speak with us directly and have one of the best portland locksmiths on their way to you. Go ahead and give us a call at (503) 575-9210 !