Lost your car key? Can’t find your house key? We can help!
24 hour lost key replacement services by certified and licensed technicians who can replace your lost car, house or business key on site in less than 20 minutes!
We can replace almost all make and model vehicle keys including transponder and laser cut (high security) keys.
Here are some examples of key replacement services that we offer in Portland Metro:
Key Replacement Service in Portland, Oregon can be in a pain the rear end, especially when trying to deal with your local dealership. Choosing Locksmith Plus, Inc. Portland, OR as your go to provider for all services related to key replacement will save you time and money GUARANTEED! When replacing a high security key or a transponder key, most dealerships require appointments set DAYS in advance, and you also must have your car towed to the dealership. On the other hand, if you already have one key and simply need a spare, choosing a dealership over a locksmith is probably the way to go.
If you need to replace a high security or transponder key without having an existing key to duplicate, call our company to have us come to a location of your choice (as long as it within 30 miles of Portland, OR). While we do charage a $29 mobile fee for most locations, this is far cheaper than the dealership, AND we can replace your key the very same day that you lose or break the original.
Are you unsure if your automotive key is a high security or transponder key? The easiest check is to determine if a plastic “fob” is located around the head of the key. This “fob” houses a computer chip, emitting a signal to the ignition lock once inserted in order to unlock the ignition mechanism. While this may sound like a dealership-only job, our company actually has the means to track down codes for almost every make and model! Give us a call today and let us replace your transponder key cheaper and faster than any dealership!


The locksmiths that contract with Locksmith Plus, Inc. are fully capable of handling all sorts of automotive key replacement jobs in Portland, OR. Our technicians are properly trained to duplicate, replace, and program even the most difficult of keys (there are some exceptions). Does your car key have a key fob on it? Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, replacing your automotive key can seem like a lengthy, expensive endeavor. Unlike keys and ignitions in the old days, most keys today have a personalized microchip in the key. This means that the serrated pattern of the key, even though it fits into the lock just fine, is not enough to actually start the car. The key needs to have the correct micro chip and the correct automotive key programming to cause the ignition to actually start.
While most dealerships sell auto key replacements for both high security keys and transponder keys, it is almost always necessary to have your vehicle towed to the dealership in advance. Also, dealerships typically do not offer same day service; therefore, choosing this route for car key replacement can cost an arm and leg as well as a lot of time.
With our mobile car key replacement service, we come to you! Depending on how far you are from our central location, we have a mobile fee of $15, $19, or $29 which covers our travel expense to you! Moreover, once we check out the quality of your ignition and determine all of the identifying information of the vehicle, our technician will give you a flat price (almost always cheaper than a dealership), depending on how much the key blank and code will cost along with how long the key replacement will take! Locksmith Plus, Inc. Portland, OR takes pride in our auto key replacement team. Give us a call today to let us know how we can serve you!
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Did you lose a key for your home or apartment? While making a new key to fit your old lock is impossible without an existing key to duplicate. we do have the means to “rekey your residential lock”. This service is primarily used by landlords and new homeowners who have quality locks but do not want unaccounted for keys to gain entry. However, if you lose your only house key, then rekeying a lock is the perfect option for you. It is quicker, cheaper, and less wasteful then a full on residential lock replacement, but you still can gain access to the lock! It really is a cool service, and if you no longer have access to your home or apartment, please do not hesitate to give us a call. If you need to replace a house key, then wait no longer!\


Our commercial key replacement solutions are more than dependable for all customers looking to replace a business key in Portland, OR. Are you looking to install a master key system to facilitate work production at your place of business? Perhaps, you lose your high security commercial key and are interested in the specifics on replacing it. Regardless of your situation, know that you are in good hands for all services related to commercial key replacement.

Call Locksmith Plus, Inc. for any of your replacement key needs in Portland Metro. Call us at 503.575.9210 to have a locksmith help you replace your lost key!