Are you looking for expert lock and key services in and around the Portland area?

You have landed on the lock rekey web page of our premier locksmith company, Locksmith Plus, Inc. in Portland, OR! When customers have need to rekey a lock, we know that timing is always of utmost importance. That is specifically why we offer our lock rekey services all day and all night, everyday of the year. That’s right, folks! Our 24 hour locksmith services are available to fit your busy needs and schedule!
So you are having some difficultly with a pesky lock or key, so you know you do need a locksmith; however, the locksmithing industry has many types of technicians, not all of which are fully capable of completing every type of job. That is why it is important to understand what your issue is. One of the biggest sources of confusion that affects our customers deals with lock replacement, repair and rekey. This page will primarily explain what it means to rekey a lock.
If you lost your house key and have no spare, then residential lock rekey is the perfect service for you. Locksmith Plus, Inc. encourages customers to rekey their house locks should they no longer have access to their home BUT the actual locking mechanism is fully functional. To put it simply, rekey a lock over lock replacement and lock repair is recommended when the lock is 100% intact and the customer either has no way to access their apartment or residence OR if the customer is worried that unaccounted for keys are circulating.
Are you a new home owner? Perhaps, you are landlord who just evicted a tenant or maybe you are just trying to prevent a vengeful ex partner from randomly coming into your home. Whatever your reasons may be, we definitely understand. Should you need our residential lock rekey services, they are available to you anytime of the day or year.
Commercial Lockout
As with our residential services, we can rekey a lock for businesses as well. This is especially relevant should a disgruntled employee have a way to access the locks to your office or store. Perhaps, you want all the offices to have different keys or the same key. Are the locks functional, you just need them to be opened by different keys? No problem at all, as this definitely falls into rekey a lock for commercial entities. If you are looking to rekey a business lock, and you know that the lock does not to be replaced or upgraded, then call today to have one of our commercial lock rekey technicians come straight to your place of business!
While this service is not as common as house lock rekey and business lock rekey, we can definitely rekey a lock on car doors, glove compartments, trunks, etc. Does your vehicle have one key for the ignition and a separate key for the door? If you lose the key for your door, we can rekey the locks for you and provide a new key. Is one lock broken? While we can definitely fix the lock for you, we also want to make sure all the locks are opened with one key. Depending on your situation, it might be pertinent to rekey the locks on your auto doors.
Automotive Lockout Service