Locked out of you home, car or office?

The right way to go about it is to hire a professional locksmith to handle the situation for you.
Asking a friend who is not a professional locksmith to unlock the car for you can result in damage to the paint of the car.
Same goes for a house or business locks, it is absolutely imperative that the right tools will be used to bypass your home or business locks otherwise it may damage the lock.
Locksmith Plus, Inc. is a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith services provider in the State of Oregon and all of our locksmith technicians are certified professional locksmiths and therefore you can rest assured that you and your property are in the good hands of professional technicians.
Another good reason to contact Locksmith Plus, Inc. in a case of a lockout situation is the fact that our technicians not only are able to got you into you home, car or business they are also able to provide you with a replacement key in case you lost key all together.
24 Hour Locksmith

Locked out of a car?

Our tech can be on his way to you as soon as you call us at 503.575.9210. We carry the latest car unlocking tools in order to ensure clean entry with absolutely no damage to the paint job of the vehicle.

Locked out of a home?

Our tech can be on his way to you as soon as you call us at 503.575.9210. We carry the latest home unlocking tools in order to ensure clean entry with absolutely no damage to the lock in over 90% of the time.

Locked out of a business?

Bypassing a business lock takes more than just a typical pick tool. Commercial grade locks are typically more secure than residential locks and therefore require more skill. By calling Locksmith Plus, Inc. you can rest assure that a certified commercial locksmith will be on the way to assist you in unlocking your business in no time.
Call Locksmith Plus. Inc. now to have a locksmith at your location in less then 20 minutes!


If you are currently locked out of your car or experiencing any kind of automotive lockout (whether it be door, glove compartment, or trunk), please do not hesitate to give our vehicle lockout team a call now! We help customers who locked keys in their car anytime of the day or year. Our 24 hour mobile lockout service for cars is available whenever you need it! If you are experiencing a lockout emergency, then please do not hesitate to call the proper authorities. However, if you have a child locked in the car, and there is no immediate solution, let us know, and we will do our best to get to your location as soon as humanly possible, guaranteed!
Do not let the Portland rain or I5 traffic add anymore stress if you are locked out of your car. Let Locksmith Plus, Inc. Portland, OR help you today!
Automotive Lockout Service


Coming home from a long day at the office is one of the most rewarding feelings that we feel any given day. Walking up the steps, slowly taking your jacket off, you realize that your house key is not on you. Sure, you can call your spouse or friend who might have a key, but that could take a while for them to get there. Why bother them when a professional residential technician from Locksmith Plus, Inc. can be at your home in 20 minutes whenever you are experiencing an apartment lockout or locked out of your house. For all residential lockout emergencies, let our friendly dispatcher know all the necessary details so we can do our best to get you back in your home as quickly as possible!


Oh…The dreaded business lockout. Having access to a business is a big responsibility, and something as seemingly small as locking the key inside the business or office can result in disasterous consequences. Being locked out for even 15 minutes can tremendously impact overall profits and customer opinions. If you are locked out of a commercial unit, then let us know immediately. We can get you back in as soon as possible, so that the commercial lockout does not cause any more harm than it already has.
Commercial Lockout