Locksmith Plus, Inc. Portland, OR has been providing quality automotive lock and key services in and around Portland, OR since our company relocated from Bend. While many people know to call an an automotive locksmith when their keys are locked in their car or if they need to replace their automotive key (especially transponder keys and high security keys) all together. However, any member of our automotive locksmith team has been trained to handle a broad spectrum of lock and key solutions that fall under the automotive locksmith category.


Are you experiencing any of the following problems?
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If you are suffering from any of the above dilemmas, then you have landed on exactly the right web page. If a lock on your car door, trunk, glove compartment, center console, etc. seems to be malfunctioning (does not always lock or unlock, perhaps it gets stuck sometimes) or if you are having difficulty in getting the key to effectively turn each time you need to open or close the locking mechanism, then call automotive Locksmith Plus, Inc. Portland OR today to have one of our skilled car door rekey technicians come straight to the location of your vehicle. While repair is always our first goal, sometimes we must re key or even replace the lock as well.
Typically we reserve car door lock replacement for very old locks that our company has a difficulty finding the right internal tumblers for. However, should you simply lose your door key or break one of the locks, then what we can do is rekey your car door. This is done without replacing any of the external hardware, but we do replace the internal tumblers. This will make any old or unaccounted for keys no longer access the lock without fully replacing the properly functioning lock itself. If you think car door rekey might be a good option for you, then please do not hesitate to call us today!