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All of our expert locksmith services, including emergencies, are available 24/7. We never charge extra for late nights, weekends or holidays, and we come to you, so call us now!
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While Locksmith Plus, Inc. serves the entire Clackamas County, we offer special deals to the people who actually reside or need service in the town of Clackamas. To request our assistance immediately, please dial (503) 575-9210 to have one of the technicians of Locksmith Clackamas OR head to you. The major perks of our company are our rush response times, 24-hour availability, positive attitude, 90-day warranties, and our comprehensive spectrum of services that we offer. Whether you need a technician for your car, home, or business, one of our Clackamas locksmiths can be on site in less than 30 minutes (usually quicker)!


Not sure where you are located? There are lots of nature trails and parks in the area, and many times our customers request our assistance, they do not know their precise location. This is perfectly acceptable. In fact, we expect this! Our local locksmiths in Clackamas, OR know the area better than just about anyone. Whether you are out playing golf or enjoying the crisp, clean air of Mount Talbert Nature Park, Locksmith Clackamas OR is just a phone call and short drive away.


Why is our customer service better than that of our competition. This is clearly subjective; however, some truths are indisputable. We offer a 90 day written warranty on just about every service that we offer (this pertains to lock and key replacement), and we truly want you to act on this if there is ever a need. You, as a customer, help us set the bar as high as we possibly can. We are here to make sure you get the service that you need while also having an opportunity to make things right if your specific situation calls for such. While we go above and beyond expectations to make sure we do everything right the first time, mistakes can happen. While we are not perfect, we can at least strive to be.


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Locksmith Plus, Inc. specializes in picking, replacing, rekeying, repairing, and installing locks as well as duplicating existing keys, replacing lost keys, and even helping home and business owners make sound decisions regarding the security of their home or business. Call Locksmith Clackamas OR now at (503) 575-9210 if we sound like the ideal company to ask for help.

Part of portland or locksmith plus, inc.’s commitment to serving our community in the most upstanding and effective way possible is by registering with important portland and oregon institutions like the chamber of commerce.You can check our extensive credentials by visiting our verify us page.

Visit our other pages to learn more or to speak with us directly and have one of the best portland locksmiths on their way to you. Go ahead and give us a call at (503) 575-9210 !

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