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Chances are if you have ever found yourself needing a locksmith, you have come across the countless advertisements littering the Internet. Locksmith Plus, Inc. does its best to distinguish itself in our community. However, it is still imperative to do research whenever you request that a technician come out to your home, car, or business. This applies to many other industries such as electricians, plumbing, pest control, garage door services, etc.

The state of Oregon requires all locksmiths to undergo certification by the Oregon Construction Contractor’s Board (CCB) and all businesses be registered with the Secretary of State. Locksmith Plus, Inc. is licensed under the Oregon CCB and the Secretary of State. We encourage you to check this out for yourself! Enter our CCB number, 187736, on the Oregon Construction Contractor’s Board website and our Secretary of State number, 575782-97, on the Oregon SoS website!

You can find the licensing information for each of our technicians under the CCB for our business, Locksmith Plus, Inc.

What this licensing and certification means is that Locksmith Plus, Inc. and all of our associated technicians can perform the entire selection of locksmith services for cars, homes, and businesses. Keep in mind that some hardware stores have key duplication machines. Simply duplicating keys at a bring and mortar shop does not necessitate CCB certification or registration with the Secretary of State. However, many of Locksmith Plus, Inc.’s mobile services do require a plethora of licenses, and you can bet your bottom dollar that we have it covered.

Locksmith Plus, Inc. stands our locksmiths and all of they work they perform in Portland, OR! All parts that we replace, repair, install, rekey, etc. are backed by a written guarantee. If you find that the service was not up to your every expectation, please give us a call within 90 days to correct any misgivings.

Above all else, stay safe, especially in times of need! We know that losing one’s only car key or being locked out is stressful. We ensure quick service 24 hours a day, but don’t be so hasty as to neglect to research who is coming to your home. Let us know how we can help! Locksmith Plus, Inc. is sure that we are the locksmith in Portland that can meet your every need. See you soon!

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