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7 Reasons to Hire a Locksmith Instead of Trying to Pick Your Own Lock

If you have ever been locked out of your car or house, then you know how frustrating it is. There you are, waiting around without a way to get in. It makes you want to try to get in right away. After all, you could be late to work or a party. It might even be steaming hot or freezing cold outside. However, perhaps you think you can get in yourself. 

This is a big mistake and will often come with a lot more trouble than it’s worth. The reality is, there is a reason that professional locksmiths have an entire profession dedicated to it. Here is what you should know about why you should always hire a mobile locksmith in Portland Oregon instead of trying to pick your own lock: 

1. You Could Get the Police Called on You 

When you are walking around Portland, we have a range of interesting, beautiful people, don’t we? This is one of the things that makes Portland so great. However, it is also one of the things that local citizens have learned to be on the lookout for. 

Ask yourself this: if you see someone standing by a car in the dark, trying to break into it, what would your first thought be? Maybe they had a bad day and are looking a little rough. Would you call the police thinking that they are trying to steal something in the car or the entire car altogether? Even if you would not, others would. 

This is one of the main reasons you do not want to try to lockpick your own vehicle or home. Even if you think you could do it, eventually, it might cause an unnecessary run-in with the police. And that’s something that everyone wants to avoid. 

2. You Might Freeze or Burn Up 

When you are waiting outside your car or home, you are dealing with the weather. This could take a while, as you are a not a professional locksmith. What might end up happening is that you have to deal with the negative elements. This could include extreme heat or cold. 

3. You Could Be Late to Your Job or Other Event 

You don’t want to be late to your work. This could involve getting fired or even worse. If you are late for an important family event or one with friends, you will never live it down. It’s better to take the safe bet and know that you will be there on time. That way, you aren’t stuck wondering what would have happened if you had been there on time all along. 

When you use a mobile locksmith or a professional locksmith of any kind, you are getting the best of both worlds. First, you know that the lock will be picked. You are going to be let into vehicle or home eventually. Secondly, you can have confidence that you are not going to have to wait all day or all night for it to happen. It turns to happen relatively quickly. 

4. It is More Hassle Than It’s Worth 

We have all been there. We think that we can figure out a situation by ourselves. Instead of letting the experts do what they do best, we start assuming we know better. This seems really enticing at first. If we are not careful, we can convince ourselves that it is the right call. 

However, when reality sinks in, you realize that it is such a hassle to try to do things yourself when a professional would suffice. This is one of the reasons why you should never try to do it on your own. It is only going to end in more frustration and even potentially disaster. 

5. You Could Damage Your Door, Home, or Vehicle 

Homes and cars are expensive. What’s worse, they are becoming even more expensive with each passing day. If you look at these costs from 10 years ago, they will have almost doubled. Therefore, you cannot afford to do risky things with these expensive investments of yours. Instead, you should look for ways that you can protect them. 

The bad news about picking your own lock is that you are likely to damage it in some way. You might scratch the door. You might even break the door or the lock. These become very expensive to fix and once you do it it cannot be undone. That is why it is a good idea to let the pros handle these things. 

6. You Can Avoid Insurance Issues 

Insurance companies have only one motive: to get more money for themselves. Even if you are a hard working, paying customer, they will find ways to get out of paying you for your claims. That is why it is important not to break your agreement with them in any way. 

For instance, insurance companies may consider a broken door or lock from your efforts of getting into it as damage that is not covered by your policy. This can happen anytime. The worse news is you won’t find out until the assessor shows up. 

7. You Might Have It Included In Your Coverage 

A lot of people don’t realize that they might even have locksmiths covered in their insurance or roadside assistance coverage. This is not always the first thing they will tell you. Therefore, you want to be sure you have it. 

If you do, that means that you can enjoy locksmith services for lower rates. Sometimes, it can even be free. Therefore, you never know unless you try to do it in the first place. 

When it comes to getting locked out of your home or vehicle, there is nothing worse. However, that does not mean that you should try to rough it on your own. There is nothing but trouble to be had if you attempt to pick your own locks. All of the reasons above, and more, could result in you having an even worse day. So leave it to the pros and enjoy your peace of mind.

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