Locksmith 97205 offers top tier locksmith security ministrations to the people of Portland, OR. Locksmith Plus, Inc.

has been doing locksmith business in the State of Oregon for almost a decade, and we are proud to say that our satisfied customers always rely on us when they find themselves in need of a locksmith.
We encourage business in 97205, homeowners, and even landlords/realtors who are constantly working with people moving in and out of homes in 97205 to truly look at what Locksmith Plus, Inc. can do for your business. Our 24 hour lock and key solutions are always within grasp to anyone looking for a 97205 locksmith!
Locksmith 97205 can be reached by phone or email! Call us today at (503) 575-9210, fill out the form to the right of the page, or email us at contact@locksmithplusincportlandor.com. We are always ready to assist anyone in need.


97205 makes up a large chunk of Southwest Portland. Reaching as far north as Burnside Avenue and stretching as far west as the Japanese Rose gardens, 97205 is always busyling with activity from businesses, residents, automobiles, and tourists alike.
Locksmith 97205 is Portland’s number one locksmith for cars, homes, and even businesses located in or around 97205. Whether you are locked out of your apartment’s lobby at three in the morning or need to comprehensively rekey all of the locks on your commercial building, trust your nearest 97205 locksmith to live up to every expectation that you have!

If you need a locksmith in 97205 to come straight to you immediately, we can be reached day or night at (503) 575-9210.