Why Trunk Lockouts May Require An Emergency Locksmith Company

Locksmiths frequently provide 24-hour assistance to vehicle owners. Sometimes drivers mistakenly assume only a vehicle lockout constitutes a genuine emergency. Unfortunately, in some cases, a trunk lockout demands immediate attention as well. Don’t hesitate to request emergency services in this situation. 

Trunk Locks 

Trunk locks may fail to operate for a variety of reasons. Some potential problems include: 

  • An accident damages the trunk.
  • A trunk lock malfunctions.
  • Someone attempts to break into the trunk, and tampers with the lock mechanism.
  • A key breaks in the lock.
  • Someone accidentally locks themselves inside.

None of these situations are fun. Some of them pose life threatening situations that need to be addressed. Responding quickly to this situation can prevent bad situations. 

A Rare (But Still Too Frequent) Problems 

Safety legislation passed in 2002 helped reduce the number of deaths and injuries resulting from children becoming accidentally trapped inside of car trunks. Lawmakers required the installation of visible trunk safety release latches in new model vehicles. Yet an ABC News investigation revealed that during 2010-2011, 20 deaths still occurred after children became trapped in locked vehicle trunks.

The problem of accidental trunk lockouts remains a concern for two reasons. First, children do not always appreciate the significant danger posed by a locked trunk during hot temperatures. Kids sometimes trap much younger children (or household pets) and vehicle remote openers inside car trunks while playing. Second, some older vehicles still lack trunk safety latch systems. Drivers who cannot account for all their remote key fobs should consider this situation as a genuine emergency. 

Other Types of Lockouts 

Trunk lockouts can also drive vehicle owners nuts. Trunk damage (or a broken trunk lock mechanism) prevents having a space to keep your stuff and that can be frustrating. In certain areas of town, thieves will target vehicles that have damaged trunks for easy access. 

To prevent property losses, consider calling a qualified locksmith as soon as possible in these situations. Owners who fail to address lock problems potentially run a much higher risk of encountering thefts. As more people transport laptops, mobile phones, and other valuable high tech devices inside their vehicles on a daily basis, high dollar property thefts have become a significant concern for many drivers. 

Resolving Problems 

Drivers typically get much faster service with a trunk lock by contacting a full-service 24-hour locksmith. While some auto mechanics can fix a badly bent or damaged trunk, most repair shops do not provide door lock installations. If a trunk lockout is because of a broken or malfunctioning lock mechanism, a mobile locksmith generally provides a fast repair. 

A skilled professional locksmith has the knowledge required to correct a wide variety of problems. In addition to door and trunk locks, a driver may need assistance with a glove compartment lock, a gas tank lock, or a pickup truck toolbox lock. 

Paying For Trunk Lockouts 

In some situations, automotive insurance policies may offer some assistance to drivers who have a trunk lock problem. Usually, car owners pay for auto locksmith services as an out-of-pocket cost. However, depending upon the provisions of an individual auto insurance policy, in some cases insurance companies may furnish some reimbursement to vehicle owners who require locksmith assistance to repair a trunk lock that has been damaged as a due to a break-in attempt or an auto accident. 

For example, if a thief tampered with the trunk lock during the course of stealing property from the vehicle, some comprehensive auto insurance policies will provide coverage for the repair costs. The compensation hinges upon the car owners insurance policy and the level of the deductible. Car owners typically must file a formal report with the police in order to satisfy an insurer’s documentation requirements. Additionally, it may prove important to ask your locksmith to conduct an auto lock inspection to verify any other damage. 

Fast, Responsive Locksmith Services in Portland, OR 

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