Are you located in or around North Portland and in need of a quality, local 24 hour locksmith company to service all of your lock and key needs?

Locksmith 97217 exists to serve, and we are just a phone call away in the 97217 area. We can be depended on 24 hours a day for a broad range of services, ranging from car key replacement to high security lock installation for your business.
To set up an immediate appointment with a local locksmith in 97217, trust Locksmith Plus, Inc. to connect you with the nearest, available technician in 20 minutes or less!
We do not require customers to set up appointments days in advance. In fact, most of our services can be obtained just minutes after calling. In few cases, such as car key replacement for certain makes and models require specific equipment, so there might be a longer delay.


Whenever people in or around North Portland lock their keys in the car, need to duplicate or cut a car key, or even program the chip in the key fob to work with their unique vehicle, then Locksmith Plus, Inc. answers with a loud hoorah. Our growing company is the perfect solution for anyone in need of an automotive locksmith, regardless of the specifics of your situation or the time of day.


Are you locked out of your home or even a bedroom or bathroom? Do you need to restore your garage door to a time before it became a sore thumb on your property? Perhaps, you are simply looking to rekey the locks that lead in and out of your home after buying the residence. Residential locksmiths are constantly treating homes with new and improved security solutions that help to maintain safety in our neighborhoods. Let us know how we can be of assistance.


How many times have you compared your business to one of your competitor’s, envying their modern layout and design. A commercial locksmith does more than lock repair and installation. We can revamp your entire security systems or even install more contemporary and secure systems for your business. Not only do master key systems, keyless entry, biometrics, etc. increase the levels of safety for employees and overall security of the business, they add flair and convenience to the entire business.