Locksmith 97215 services the Mt. Tabor area of Portland, OR, which is located east of the Willamette River, just south of Burnside Street but north of Division.

Mt. Tabor is in outer SE Portland, meaning that it is located east of SE 42nd avenue but west of 82nd avenue. Locksmith Plus, Inc. services Mt. Tabor with 24 hour locksmith services that truly puts us that many notches above most of our competition in the area.
Don’t wait any longer if you are in need of an emergency locksmith in 97215. Call Locksmith Plus, Inc. today at (503) 575-9210 now!


Do you know the number of a local automotive locksmith for when you find yourself in a locksmith 97215 emergency? Locksmith Plus, Inc. can be reached easily by calling (503) 575-9210. Knowing a dependable, local technician can really save you time and stressed when you find your keys locked inside your car or your high security key no longer starts the vehicle (even if it still turns the ignition). To learn more about our full range of automotive locksmith services, call us now!


How safe and secure is your home? Are you 100% sure that you and your family are the only ones who can access the locks on your home? When renting an apartment or house, it is highly recommended to ask your landlord to rekey all of the external locks on the residence ESPECIALLY in the event that the previous tenant was evicted. Moreover, the same can be said for new home-owners.
Locksmith Plus, Inc. not only rekeys locks on doors, but we can replace existing locks, repair broken locks, and install fresh locks for any type of situation and door.


Are you looking to systematically update the security of your business to provide contemporary solutions for your customers and/or employees? Call Locksmith Plus, Inc. to learn about out master key system, biometric locks, code locks, security locks, keyless entry locks, etc. All of which not only add security but also instill a sense of class.