Locksmith Plus, Inc. handles a variety of different lock and key jobs everyday. We excel in replacing car keys, rekeying locks, securing businesses, garage door service, etc. Our most popular service is our lockout service, and today, we are going to go over some simple tips to help you save both time and money.

How To Prevent An Automotive Lockout

Most cars today have sophisticated ignition systems that require a programmed chip in the key in order to start the vehicle. While this makes our vehicles more secure, this also makes key replacement (not to mention having a spare) somewhat pricy. However, did you know that most transponder keys can actually be cut and duplicated just like a regular, mechanical key? While the key will not be able to start the car, it will unlock the vehicle. We recommend having at least 2 spare car keys at all times.

How To Prevent A Residential Lockout

People tend to lock themselves out of their cars more often than their home or businesses, mostly because of the many preventative measures one can take. Firstly, homes and businesses tend to have more than one entrance. If you find yourself locked out, then before you do anything else, be sure to check around the premises for unlocked doors and windows. Locksmith Plus, Inc. highly recommends leaving a key in a discreet location of your choice. We sell small cases that hold keys for just the occasion. Some of these boxes are meant to be placed in potters while others can be magnetically attached to water heaters, air conditioning units, outdoor refrigeration systems, or even behind a laundry machine. It is not recommended to leave a key under a mat or above a window sill. If you are uncomfortable with leaving a key on your premises, then perhaps leave one with a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor.

Getting Back Inside As Fast As Possible

If you have taken the above precautions, then calling a locksmith should be your last resort. With that being said, Locksmith Plus, Inc. ensures convenience and urgency above all else. Our affordable prices, 24 hour availability, and expertly trained technicians make Locksmith Plus, Inc. Portland OR the number one unlocking service in the area. Call (503) 575-9210 for service now.

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