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We Can Fully Cut and Reprogram Smart Keys

Our Portland-based automotive locksmiths provide full services for replacing lost car keys. Worried that you won’t be able to duplicate your car’s smart key? You don’t have to! We can fully duplicate smart keys at lighting-fast speeds. Our experienced Portland auto locksmiths will create laser-cut keys and program transponder keys for any vehicle. We guarantee that our professional locksmiths are fully trained, as they will provide A+ work for all car key replacements. 

Fast Key Replacement

Our locksmiths can fully create any key from scratch. They do this on-site so you don’t have to waste any time waiting. Maybe you have lost your keys to a classic car in your garage? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you purchased a new vehicle from the dealership and you already lost the keys? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We can handle any of your car key replacements needs. 

Our Auto Locksmiths in Portland, Oregon Are Reliable and Knowledgeable

We are here for any locksmithing needs you may have. Our technicians are fully trained to work with the latest technology in the automotive industry. They recognize and understand even the newest car-locking mechanisms. If you need a locksmith in Portland, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

Any Locksmith you hire must remain ultra-careful and thorough when creating a car key replacement. That’s why we train our crew with the highest standards in the industry and provide them with the latest equipment. They’re equipped with the tools needed so they can assist you with creating, programming and replacing any key or lock quickly. 

Don’t worry about getting key replacements whether you have an old or new car. Our techs are fully capable of replacing lost keys for almost every make, model, and year of vehicle. Need a transponder key replaced? We can duplicate and program any lost key by cloning an existing transponder ID. We can also replace keys by writing the ID to replacement keys or by using our state-of-the-art programming tools to access the ID through the vehicle’s E.C.M. 

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Services our locksmiths provide include:

If you are ever locked out of your car and stuck, don’t hesitate to call for our emergency locksmith service team. Whether it’s an emergency or you simply need to replace a lost car key, we are here with professional services at affordable prices. We strive to establish an ongoing relationship with all of our customers, so we don’t add on any hidden fees or charges. We don’t want to make an already stressful situation even more of a headache, so we always make sure that we’re giving you service with a smile at a great price. 

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Common Issues and How We Resolve Them

Issues with 2000-2006 Ford Focus Ignitions

Many of our customers have issues with Ford Focus Ignitions refusing to turn on or only turning half-way. This happens because of a manufacturing defect that 2000-2006 Ford vehicles have. This defect is a design flaw that was never recalled because it wasn’t considered a safety issue. Issues the defect can cause also occur at random, regardless of how many mile you have on the car. Don’t worry though, we can easily solve this issue by disassembling and re-keying the ignition lock, replacing the ignition lock, or replacing a worn-out key. 

Replacing Toyota Prius Remote Key Fobs

If your 2004-2009 Toyota Prius smart-entry key fob isn’t working, we’ve got you covered. We understand that a wide-variety of issues can cause a key fob and/or remote to stop working and that’s why our locksmiths use cutting-edge key programming and diagnostic tools to find the problem and fix it. While we’re fixing the key, we can provide you with a temporary key and remote so you can get back on the road worry-free. This spares you the exhausting situation of getting your Prius towed to a Toyota dealership, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re having an issue with your Toyota Prius’s key fob. You can come to our location with the key fob or we can come to you, either way works and we’re glad to help. It also helps that the Toyota Prius uses amazing technology that enables us to do the following tasks: 

High-Quality and Secure Laser Cut Keys for Honda Ignitions

Many of our customers have issues with Honda ignitions and their keys. That’s why we offer high-quality laser cut keys with microchip technology to all of our customers. These keys prevent your car from being stolen and prevent keys from being duplicated. Our laser-cut keys do have some minor set-backs, but they can be prevented with proper maintenance. These set-backs are susceptibility to wear and tear and the issue of ignitions locking when a tumbler slips out of position. Again, these are effectively avoided with maintenance. You can dodge these issues by spraying electric cleaner or a dust removal spray on your ignition’s key slot to keep it clean. You can also prevent wear and tear by keeping your car key separate from your other keys, as a key-chain can quickly misalign the position of your key and gradually wear out its tumblers. 

Re-Flashing Transponder Keys

If you own a Toyota, Lexus, Acura or Honda vehicle from the late 90s or the early 2000s, your vehicle might require a ICU (Immobilizer Control Unit) or ECU (Engine Control Unit) replacement after losing your transponder keys. Dealerships charge insane amounts to replace these systems, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Our locksmiths specialize in programming immobilizers. We can craft a new, working transponder key by reusing refurbished ECUs and ICUs. We’ll do this at a much cheaper price than your car dealership, as some automotive dealers will charge you thousands just to replace an old ICU or ECU. 

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Locksmith Services for Motorcycles

Did your key break while it was in your motorcycle’s ignition? Or maybe you lost your keys while visiting the Portland area? No matter what issue you have with your motorcycle’s keys, our Portland locksmiths can help you. We can work on a variety of motorcycle models from various manufacturers. 

We offer locksmithing services for these motorcycle manufacturers and models:

Services we provide for motorcycles include

If you need any kind of locksmith service in Portland, don’t hesitate to contact our professional technicians today. We offer high-quality products and services at the lowest prices. We are locally owned and are fully licensed bonded and insured. 

Locksmith Plus also covers the following services:

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